Ways to Make Running Easier

Kyra Lipetzky, Reporter

May 21, 2020

With college just around the corner and as a senior in high school, I want to make sure that I’ve established manageable and healthy habits before I officially go out into the world on my own. Seeing that these have been wor...

Class of 2020: the end of a journey.

Zachary Muragaki

May 21, 2020

I want to begin this article by congratulating all of my fellow seniors! Tomorrow is the day we all finish classes for good. Our high school careers have come to end and while this may seem like a bittersweet moment we cannot...

Staying Active at Home: Photo of the Day 4/20/2020

Alexandra Grech

April 20, 2020

Everyone may be stuck in their houses, but there are many ways to stay healthy and active during this time. The important thing to do everyday is exercise for at least 30 minutes. Walking, running, yoga, and weightlifting are som...

Turning the Clocks Forward: Photo of the Day 3/8/2020

Alexandra Grech

March 8, 2020

Two times throughout every year we experience daylight savings. We have daylight savings in the spring, which is the second Sunday in March, and in the fall, which is the first Sunday in November. With the daylight savings in...

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