Crystals to Carry with you into the New Year! 

Annika Rosencrantz, Reporter


The first documentation of crystals being used originated from Ancient Sumerians (c. 4500 to c. 2000 BC). Writings have been found that dated as far back as 400 BC made observations about different powers that crystals were believed to have emitted, as a result, if a negative experience happened they would use a specific crystal to counteract the incident’s effects. Crystals play an important role in British, Indian, and Native American cultures. British culture comes from a pagan history, recently it’s inspired many to practice a modern-day version of witchcraft. Indian culture uses crystals as a type of holistic healing referenced in the Vedic texts. In the practice of Hinduism, they use spiritual jewelry inspired by Hindu mythology as well. The Hopi Native Americans of Arizona use Quartz Crystals in diagnosing illnesses along with other healing properties.


Carnelian- inspires creativity and motivation, it helps overcome abuse of any kind and promotes courage.

Tigers Eye- Helps people embrace personal willpower and inner strength.

Amethyst – Believed to bring clarity and peacefulness along with helping people’s minds flow freely.

Adventure – Helps provide strength and confidence, pushes us to take on new opportunities and take action. 


When trying to take care of your crystals you have to pay attention to MOHS hardness scale. It ranges from one to ten, comparing the hardness of the stones to other objects such as a drill bit or a fingernail. You can use this to determine if you should expose them to water or not, if the stone falls on five or below, the water can dissolve or cause them to crack. Putting your crystals in the sun is a great way to collect energy but, once again, it can also fade the color of them and make them brittle if you are not careful.


Rose Quartz- promotes love and joy along with inspiring compassion and kindness.

Snowflake Obsidian- purifies and grounds your soul and body. It centers your attention and is useful in stressful events.

Agate- helps build protective energies and balances emotions.

Aquamarine- contributes to helping make positive changes and brings luck in love.