October has arrived! Here’s some fun stuff to do.

Sasha Zvaners, Reporter

That’s right, folks: spooky season, AKA the best time of the year, has arrived once again.
October is officially in full swing, so it’s time for ghost stories, apple cider, and bonfires… and not to worry, the local area certainly delivers! This month, we have a pumpkin patch, some haunted attractions, and some genuine Frederick County haunts.
Still skeptical about fall?
Well, as Annika Rosencrantz, 12, says, “Fall is the best season in Frederick.”
Take her word for it, and dive into these happenings!

Jumbo’s Pumpkin Patch
We’re starting off strong with one of Frederick’s many pumpkin patches! What makes this Middletown-based business so special, you ask? Well… their unlimited hayrides, of course. And their 20-acre corn maze, and their petting zoo, and their pick-your-own-pumpkin patch!
Jumbo’s sells more than pumpkins, too, everything from crafts to cookies. Festival admission is only $10, and the farm is open through the 31st. Directions can be found here.

Markoff’s Haunted Forest

Haunted houses are tons of fun, but have you ever been to a haunted forest?
Located in Dickerson, this local attraction boasts two haunted trails, complete with professional actors and lots of SFX makeup. Plus, there’s a third option: the hybrid trail, which combines the best parts of both trails.
Need to warm up to the scares? No worries, their personalized pizzas will calm you right down. The trail will be open for most of October, and more information can be found here. Tickets are $40.

Field of Screams
Admittedly, this one’s a bit of a drive, but it’s well worth it: Maryland’s branch of this horror attraction is not to be missed!
Located in Olney, the Field offers a haunted trail, a trail of terror, a slaughter factory, and of course, their carnival town games. When asked about local horror attractions, Hope Gue, 11, recommends the Field: “Field of Screams is scary and fun – I love going with friends.”
Ticket prices vary, so it’s best to check them out on their https://screams.org/. They must be purchased in advance, so plan ahead!

Ghost Tours of Frederick
Did you know that Frederick is the most haunted city in Maryland?
That’s right – Downtown is full of history and ghosts. Whether you choose to visit Mount Olivet Cemetery or Frederick’s historic district, these skilled tour guides will take your hand and lead you through all things spooky.
“The tours are pretty cool,” says Celeste Valerio, 12. “I definitely wanted to know more about them [the hauntings].” You can visit old execution sites, spot the mysterious figure who’s been strolling the streets since the 1700s, and wonder why you hadn’t realized just how haunted Frederick really is.
The 90-minute tour runs throughout October, and specific dates can be found on their website. Admission is $14. Reservations can be made the Monday before your preferred tour, so make sure you book in advance!

Landon House
Here’s one location you’ve definitely driven past: the Landon House.
Located across the street from Urbana’s McDonalds, this house has been the location for weddings, parties, and… Civil War hospitals?
The building was allegedly built first in Virginia, then taken apart and reconstructed in Urbana. It’s been a girl’s school, a military institute, the list goes on, but it’s definitely haunted. One past employee recalls watching a soldier walk in the front doors, climb upstairs, and then disappear into thin air.
Even if you’re a skeptic, it’s something to think about when you drive past for the 100th time!

A few honorable mentions go out to Spook Hill in Burkittsville, Six Flags’ Fright Fest, and the Jericho Covered Bridge in Harford County.
That’s all for this month – so make the most of spooky season, and get exploring!