Club Sampler: Clubs That Feel Like a Family


Audrey Houghton, Reporter

Let’s face it, clubs are overwhelming. As a freshman, you probably remember staring at a massive list of clubs and thinking how can I possibly choose? There are so many options, and half of them are hard to even decipher… Shakespeares’ Star Wars isn’t exactly self explanatory, as delightful as the club itself is. Now that semester two’s clubs are starting, you may be wondering what clubs you should try out all over again.

Club descriptions are helpful in some pursuits, but what you really need is some UHS-equivalent to Yelp Reviews- from students, for students. Lucky you, because that’s where The Hawkeye comes in! We present to you: the Club Sampler.


This Months’ TOP 3 Spotlight: 

Dungeons and Dragons / TTRPG Club:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Topple monsters and join your friends in a quest of epic proportions with Dungeons and Dragons club!

Club Block: Afterschool on Fridays
Advisor: Mr. Zimmerman

 Whether you’re new to the school and looking to build some long-lasting friendships, enjoy fantasy world building and want to practice your skills in real time, or even just want to try your luck in crazy combat scenarios… DND club has what you’re looking for.

On average, this club was rated 5 stars by participants with glowing reviews and has over 80 members. As I am a member myself, I can personally recommend this club to anyone considering it. 

“I made most of my friends there,” commented Veda Puranik (12), who rated it 5 stars and said it was their favorite club. They play D&D inside and outside of school out of a love for both the club and the game.

“The Tabletop Roleplaying Game Club, also called ‘the D&D club’ by its members, is proud to serve as an outlet for students of UHS who want to find new and fun ways to express themselves,” Mr. Zimmerman told us. “Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced player, the TTRPG Club can find a place for you! Join us Fridays two times a month at the media center or reach out to [me] on Schoology for more information!” 


Drama Club: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Build friendships, express yourself, improve your public speaking and further your acting abilities with Drama Club!

Club Block: Third Block
Advisor: Mr. Ward

This is one of the largest clubs at UHS with over 100 members- almost all of whom have something good to say. 

“I get to be surrounded by friends and I got to learn better speaking and social skills [while] leading it,” Ana Johnson (11) told me. She rated the club 6/5 stars.

I also spoke to club member Gabriella Mbaoua (12), who said, “I admire how much they are able to do during club days with the little amount of time that they have considering how it’s only 45 minutes.” She gave the club 4/5 stars.

“We typically have 100 or more students attend each club [day], and they appreciate that it is a fun place to chat and get involved,” advisor Mr. Ward commented. “What I appreciate is that our club leaders are always coming up with different activities for each club day – so it’s not the same thing each time. Most recently, we had UHS Drama alumni come back as guest speakers to talk about college and theater in college. The month before we held a ‘Murder Mystery’ Dinner Party Guessing Activity.” The club is welcome to all people, with a loving and family-like community. “I think students join because they are also looking for another place to fit in,” Ward added. He also wanted to shout out the Drama Club’s Spirit Relations’ Audrey Bastian (11), as well as her copartner Ana Johnson. A lot of work goes into making this club as amazing as it is.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Connect with people of similar faiths, join a community and have some fun with the FCA!

Club Block: First Block
Advisor: Ms. Case

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, run by advisor Ms. Case, is a good starting club for students who want to build a strong sense of community. Students describe the club as chill and relaxing, and that the members and advisor are all incredibly friendly and welcoming.

Junior Daviana Conterras told us the FCA is “a good way to get in touch with Christians in your community, [and] people that share the same values and beliefs.”

While this club may not apply to everyone, it certainly has its charm if it’s something that could appeal to you.


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