UHS Lipdub: Valentine’s Day Edition

Erinn Sanders

The Lipdub is one of the most passionate events of the year. Students stand throughout the hallways with their club (sometimes costumed), cheering on as some students run through the hallways, lip-singing to some of the most popular songs of the year. This event first started last year, as a way of sharing our Core 4 Values, Integrity, Unity, Pride, and Respect. Stephanie Weigelt, the dance teacher running the event this year says, “We do a lipdub to promote school spirit, to bring the school together as one, to promote the ‘one team, one Urbana’ vision.”

Last year the event was a huge success, and many hope that it will be again.

Janet Maldonado, the Hawkeye Adviser, said, “It’s great for promoting school spirit. Everyone is a cog in the wheel.”

Planning the lipdub is not all work Weigelt said, “My favorite part last year was the actual recording of it, because I was a little nervous, but it went a lot more smoothly than I envisioned.”

Last year was a success, and many students enjoyed it. Many people made signs and decorations to promote their club, some even singing along with the lip-singers. It was a fun event and a good way to spend a few minutes of class time.

“I really enjoyed it last year,” said sophomore Haoran Diao, “I’m glad we’re doing it again. Maybe this year it can be even bigger.” Many students had fun last year, and the lipdub stayed in their memory as a fun day.

Junior Christopher Shea said, “I am so hyped,” in regards to the lipdub “The music was one of the best parts of last year’s event,” Music is always a highlight during the libdub, and many of the year’s best songs may be in it. This year’s event will be on Valentine’s Day. The Hawkeye hopes you bring all of your school spirit, because nothing shows Urbana High School pride like a big event bringing the entire school together.