Lost and Found Review

Erinn Sanders

Have you ever given any thought to the Lost and Found box in the back of the cafeteria? It sits in the back, relatively unnoticed. So overt it is covert. This will not stand any longer! The Lost and Found will get the attention it deserves. Some of the items are truly dazzling, and here’s the best of them.

Khaki Pants
A marvelous pair of Khakis were found in the Hawkeye’s extensive trek through the unknown. They appeared to be in good condition, but these pants still leave one obvious question, how do you lose your pants? If you see anyone in the hallways missing their pants, please direct them towards the Khakis in the lost and found, they will probably appreciate it. Unless they enjoy walking around without pants. Avoid them at all costs if that is the case.

Three Water Bottles
Not one, or two, but three. While it is understandable that one could lose such a small item so easily, what is disappointing is that no one grabbed them. They are all in perfect condition, there is no reason why they have been lost for so long. Maybe it is because no one knows about the lost and found, which is a reasonable suspicion. Please, if you own these water bottles take them with you, they are in desperate need of a home.

Two Lunch Boxes
It is surprising that these are still in the lost and found. Whoever owns these, feel lucky! When a certain purple lunchbox of mine was lost, not only did I lose all of my food, I also could not find the box. I suspect it was thrown away, but with my luck whoever found my food also ate the lunchbox. It would not be surprising. The lesson of this story is, hold on to your valuables with all of your power, or someone will find and take your stuff.

A Fuzzy Purple Jacket
Roughly all that can be said about this is that it is fuzzy and purple. It is in good condition. Whoever lost it has either gotten it already or knows to get it now, so good luck. Hopefully you find it.

Good luck to whoever owns these items, who knows how long they’ll last there. If you do own them, I recommend getting to them as fast as possible, they won’t last long.