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In Preparation for the Bob Marley Movie, Urbana Students Reflect on how the King of Reggae has Influenced them.

Seniors Samuel Teague and Matt McCrimmon are caught in the act of jamming out to Bob Marley during lunch.

One of the most anticipated movies of the year is set to release on February 14, and the hype building around Urbana High is real. Bob Marley: One Love, staring Kingsley Ben-Adir tells the tremendous story of how Bob Marley overcame adversity and changed the music industry forever.

In a recent poll at Urbana, 58/100 students recorded being aware of the movie releasing, with 76% of those 58 students planning on watching the movie in theaters. 12th grader Caleb Edgel described being “Stoked” for this upcoming film, while many students, such as Sam Jeram (12) called the movie premiering to be “Extraordinary.” “One million percent [I will watch], with my friend Orry Davis”, Sam Jeram stated.

It seems like Urbana students are already purchasing tickets for the big day. “I am very excited to go to the movies and have a fun time with my friends, dad, or both”, Senior Andrew Jons proudly exclaimed. He also mentioned that he is already in talks with his friend group about ordering tickets.

What makes UHS students so excited about the Bob Marley movie may be his music itself.

While Bob Marley himself may not seem like the musical composer that most highschoolers listen to, his reggae tunes have been growing in popularity. Out of 100 UHS students, a little under half said they regularly listen to his music.

“When I am really stressed out I listen to his music and it calms me down. My favorite one to listen to is Buffalo Soldier”, says Senior Seamus McGee. Seamus is one of many that is a fan of Marley’s music, and added (like many students did), that he most often listens to reggae in the summertime.

Andrew Jons, who earlier commented on his plans to see the movie with his friends, remarked that anytime he listens to Marley’s music, it is a “great pleasure”.

But what about those who have no connection to reggae? It may surprise many, but Bob has influenced countless hip-hop and rap artists, including the very popular Drake. “I’ve listened to his music my entire life”, Drake has said. “I’ve studied his life. Listening to him in interviews I’ve seen, knowing what he stood for, I would have loved to understand where his mind was at and sat and talked with him. Working together is a whole ‘nother story. If I could sit in somebody’s presence and just build, that would probably be the guy”.

While 45% of the sampled UHS students listened to Bob Marley, nearly 75% listened to Drake. However, only 5% knew of Drake’s heavy praise and influence from the King of Reggae. After hearing the quote from Drake, many students were surprised, with Senior Matt McCrimmon adding his “respect for Drake has increased quite a bit”.

Janna Elzaiat(12), a proud Drake fan, who is attending his February 16 concert in Pittsburgh, was completely unaware of Drake’s comments towards Bob Marley. “I would say his admiration towards Bob Marley directly reflects in some of his music”, she said. “If I listen to Drake and he speaks this highly of Bob Marley I could see myself listening to him.”

It is quite clear Bob Marley has influenced the next generation of music for many years to come.

Throughout his life and music, and now onto the movie, Bob Marley has impacted the world, even with the students at Urbana High School in Frederick, Maryland.



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