Who Will Step up for Boys Basketball?


Kyle Orens , Editor in Chief

Much like the girls basketball team was able to rely on Kendall Bresee in years past, the boys team was able to rely on Garrett Drummond. Unfortunately Drummond has graduated, which leaves the Hawks with two choices. They can either crumble without their star player, or someone else can step up and be the driving force for a team with high potential. One problem for the Hawks could be that they only have one senior in Ryan Hayden, meaning there could be a lack of veteran leadership. However, don’t let the age of the players fool you, this team is chock full of talent.

An experienced player in senior Ryan Hayden and a strong core of juniors with Sean Barry, Axel Seka, Noah Buttrey, and Brendan Schmitz could be just what the doctor ordered and could be the secret recipe to the Hawks success in 2017.

The biggest question mark for this team is veteran leadership, but both Hayden and Schmitz have two years of varsity experience under their belt and could be the leaders on and off the court. The on the court part could be tough, as someone will have to fill Drummonds shoes and be the number one guy during the game. Luckily, both Hayden and Schmitz feel that they have improved their game enough to do this.

Hayden said, “I got stronger, I’ve been hitting the weights and I take care of the ball more.”

Schmitz put it a bit simpler.

Schmitz said, “I can shoot a little better.”

Shooting will be an important part of the Hawks game this year. Good news is the Hawks have a sharpshooter in junior Buttrey, who improved his shot in the off season by developing a spin to get a better release.

Buttrey said, “Hopefully I can be a major key to us winning. I can use my ball handling skills to get by defenders and create open shots for my teammates.”

Buttrey is also prepared to take a leadership role if he has to and is willing to push his teammates to get better both on and off the court.

On the other end of the spectrum, if the Hawks are having a poor night from beyond the arc they will need a few players to control the paint. That’s where juniors Barry and Seka come in.

Both Barry, who stand at 6’3 and Seka, who stand at 6’4 have the height and size to play down low, but they know it will be their mental game that determines their success.

Seka worked relentlessly on this part of his game in the offseason and thinks that it is where it needs to be.

Seka said, “I’ve gotten stronger in my mental game and my basketball IQ is better. I’ve also improved my defense.”

Barry’s main focus will be taking more shots, but also on making sure the shots he takes are good ones.

Barry said, “I can’t play selfish and I have to play with the right mindset.”

Unlike last year, this team won’t be centered around one player. One guy might be having a good game but it will be up to everyone to help the team win. If these guys can play to their abilities, help each other, and play smart then the sky is truly the limit.