Alice Ramos
Alice Ramos is a senior and first year Journalism student that is involved with the Entertainment and Photography section of The Hawkeye. She is also covering a column on the Community Outreach Club that she started with one of her friends. This club helps out a different local organization every month as their plan to better the community. Ramos decided to take journalism because she wants to be a photojournalist in the future and have her own magazine. Her favorite thing about journalism is having opportunities to talk with new people, hear their stories, and get to know her school better. She loves art and writing and has always been naturally drawn to these two subjects. Alice said, “One of my teachers, Mr. Hayes, has said before that if he could tell us one thing about the future it’s that if you have a lot of opportunities, then choose the one that scares you the most and just go for it.” Alice said that she likes how this quote shows that one should overcome their fears, so it won’t stop them from doing amazing things.

Alice Ramos, Entertainment Editor, Photographer

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Alice Ramos