‘And the crowd goes wild’ – football season ending in just a few weeks 


Dunja Senic, Reporter

Interested in football? Showing school spirit? Head out to Legacy field for Urbana’s football games before the season comes to an end! Only 24 days left!

The last varsity football game is on October 29 so make sure to come and watch before the season ends! Tickets are only $2 for students and $6 for adults. These tickets can be purchased in person at the games or online. 

The current game schedule for the varsity team:

Away game against Middletown – October 8 

Home game against Oakdale – October 15 

Away game against Tuscarora – October 22

Home game against Linganore – October 29 (LAST GAME OF THE SEASON!)


Jackson Planz, sophomore on the junior varsity football team says, “My favorite part (about being on the UHS football team) is the camaraderie and hitting people.” Don’t fret, the last part was a joke. The football teams allow teammates to come together as one huge family that needs each other. It can form great friendships that last a lifetime. Mindset also holds a great part in playing at your full potential. Jackson says, “To prepare myself for a game I listen to music.” 

The football games are a great place to see a lot of the extra curricular activities available to students at Urbana whether its poms, the dance team, band, or the football team! The band performs during the game as well as poms cheering on our team throughout the game. If you like watching dance performances, stick around for halftime to see your friends and classmates perform super cool choreographed dances!

When asked why students should come to games, Jackson answered, “Students should come watch to support us and to have fun watching us win!” The football games are always filled with energetic, supportive students and it’s a place where you can meet new friends and bond over your knowledge of football or not knowing much about football but coming regardless to support and cheer on our team! 

The themes are super fun to participate in and make cool outfits to show your school spirit. Some of the themes this season have been white out, USA out, and Maryland out! Themes are usually decided the week of the game. 

Show up to the bleachers prepared to root for friends and show your school pride! Make sure you drink some warm tea afterwards, the game will have you screaming and cheering for hours, encouraging everyone playing! You’ll know you cheered well when you have lost your voice! 

A lot of people think that high school football is more fun than watching NFL teams. Watching friends, family, and classmates can be so much more exciting than watching players you most likely have no personal connection to. 

Coming to watch the games allows you to stay involved and participate in school events. When seeing all the excited upperclassmen, you can get a sense of community and school pride and being able to cheer on classmates.

Seeing the large crowds from the player’s perspective is so encouraging as you look out and see all the signs made, as well as all the cheering and chanting for you and your team. 

Whether you’re there for the plays, or hanging out with friends and showing off school spirit, Urbana’s football games will most definitely have you cheering and jumping around. Mark your calendars, invite friends, and come watch Urbana play!