The Game of The Year: Urbana vs. Linganore

“We are here to end it.” -Owen Zink


Summer Campbell, Reporter

Urbana versus Linganore. The two rivals compete against each other every year as the last game of the regular season for the I-70 trophy. Linganore has had it in their possession for the last six years, but with their newfound success this season, Urbana plans to bring it home tonight.

Last year, the Hawks fell to the Lancers with a score of 36-0. Despite the loss, it has been a motivator for the team. Senior free safety Christian Melean mentioned that the team has been preparing for this game since last year which is why the team has been so successful. He went on to say that the two losses the team has experienced have made them “better and smarter.” Zoerin Stephensbailey, a junior kicker, said that the team has been through a lot of challenges. The ability to defeat those challenges is due to “coming to every practice, every film session, and every game prepared to work” stated junior wide receiver, Owen Zink. He continued to say that in order to not lose sight of the ultimate goal, the team is “not being complacent.” 

The motivated Urbana Hawks have one goal: take back the I-70 trophy. “We want it more than them,” stated junior defensive tackle, Michael Schfiano, “They’ve had the trophy for so long and when we take it back they’re going to realize they didn’t take us seriously.” Mason Newton, a senior defensive end, revealed that the last time he’s beaten Linganore in a football game was in 7th grade. He shows optimism for this game, declaring that the team is “bigger, stronger, and faster” than rivals, the Linganore Lancers.

The Hawks admit that they will be facing challenges when going against their rival, however, they believe they can overcome them. Zink made the point that the team needs to keep their heads up. He explained that the Hawks are “going into an extremely hostile environment. We have to keep our heads straight and focus on the task at hand: Bringing home the I-70 trophy.” Junior guard, Mark Lindauere and Melean both admit that Linganore has a running offense, with Lindauere saying that “they have been running all over Frederick County, but I think with our defense we can stop them.” Schifano said that the team has been preparing mentally and physically for this rivalry game. Senior linebacker Dom Gulli added that the team has practiced harder because “we all know how much this game means.” 

Gulli and Newton stated that winning this game and the I-70 trophy would mean a lot. Schifano supports that statement saying that bringing “it back home where it belongs would mean so much, not only for us but for past teams and the community as well.” Part of that community is the Urbana Hawks student section, who have showed up to every single game this season. Lindauere expressed his expectations, stating that he wants the “stands to be packed,” and he would appreciate it if the “student section loses their voices.” 

When asked what he would like those attending this game to know, Zink spoke confidently: “We are not giving up. Every snap, every play will be played 100%. We are going there to win, we aren’t going there to continue the streak of losing against them. We are here to end it.” 

The Urbana Hawks go against rivals, the Linganore Lancers tomorrow at 7:00 pm at Linganore High School. Be there; you don’t want to miss it.