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Shaping Minds and Clay: The Inspiring Journey of our Ceramics Teacher, Mrs. Vincent.

Meet Mrs. Vincent, who’s molding more than just clay, she’s shaping lives. The inside of the ceramic’s classroom is filled with natural sunlight and plants everywhere. The big windows allow the sunlight to fill the large room from ceiling to floor. Her art room looks like a reflection of her bright and lively personality. 

This is Mrs. Vincent’s first year at Urbana High school teaching ceramics and so far, the journey has been extraordinary. Mrs. Vincent’s passion for art developed at a very young age. When I asked her where she got her passion for art, she didn’t hesitate when she shared her oldest memory, “I was a little kid, in kindergarten, and I remember getting in trouble because I would not stop painting this picture. And I was supposed to go to the reading circle, and I just didn’t want to. And I was very clear with my kindergarten teacher that I was going to finish this painting… I was going to finish my art. And that’s still with me today, for sure.” 

Mrs. Vincent grew up around the area and attended Linganore High school. She was raised by her mother and her father who were both scientists. And even though her parents did not quite understand art, they always supported her passion. Mrs. Vincent’s life took a turn at the ripe age of 15, after her father suddenly passed away from type two diabetes. She says, “That was a very singular event in my barely 15-year-old life that just changed the direction of my path. You know, trauma like that is life long.” When I asked her to describe her high school experience in one word she said “Traumatic”, after the passing of her father, school seemed the least important of things in her life. But Linganore high school helped her make it through, especially her Latin teacher, Ms. Carter.  The staff and guidance counselors at Linganore high school helped support her, and they are one of the reasons she is where she is today. 

One of Mrs. Vincent’s favorite pieces she has sculpted.

A comeback was made after she graduated on time from Linganore High School. She then attended FCC and Towson in an art major. She graduated from Towson with a Bachelor of Science and Art education, as well as summa cume laude. Her passion for art and impeccable outcome is inspiring. “I went from barely making it out of high school to making Dean’s list. I graduated top of my class because I was studying what I wanted. Embracing my strengths instead of worrying about whether I am good at math or not.” 

Mrs. Vincent’s journey helped her become the teacher she is today. She strives to be a stable figure in her student’s life, “I think that teachers should establish a routine outside of the home, give kids a safe place to go to. I think teachers should be challenging students to be more than they were when they walked in today. I think it’s a teacher’s job to help kids find their own voice and their own path. And if they are experiencing outside factors that are just affecting their whole lives, their teachers need to be that stable force. Every single day. You’re an anchor. I feel like I’m an anchor for a lot of kids,” she said. 

Stop and say hi to Mrs. Vincent in room F128, where she holds ceramics 1-4 as well as guitar club! New journeys can start from trying new things, “Come [by] here and squish some mud. You might surprise yourself,” She stated. 


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Rayna Smith, reporter
Rayna Smith is a tenth grader here at UHS. Outside of school she does cheer, track, she enjoys hiking, surfing, snowboarding, and really anything in nature. She first started cheer two years ago, at the beginning of high school and this is her first year of track. She is a pole vaulter for the track team at UHS. Her interest in these activities came from her background in gymnastics. She did gymnastics since she could walk. She said this background gave her a base of strength and flexibility, two skills needed for her current activities, all she had to do was adapt her skills and put them to new uses. Regarding her future, Rayna is done with cheer and is interested in continuing pole vault in college. She hopes to attend FAU, Florida Atlantic University, and work in either criminal psychology or marine biology. The class she loved most in high school was her freshman year science class with Ms. Sollenberger. This really sparked Rayna’s interest in science. Other than her freshman year, Rayna hopes to spend this year achieving her goals. putting forth most of her effort to pole vaulting and becoming more serious about it. She also wants to focus on herself. For Rayna this includes keeping her grades up and maintaining healthy relationships with family and friends.

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    Metzgar DorindaFeb 16, 2024 at 4:26 PM

    Thank You for sharing your teachers story.. Special people know how to inspire others. The article was well written and very interesting! Dorinda M.