New Restaurant Review: “The Lodge” in Frederick, MD


Morgan McGrady

Delicious “Lodge Sliders” are among the many tasty dishes on the menu.

Morgan McGrady

By mid-November, Eric Scheidauer will be ready to open his new restaurant, The Lodge, that will mirror a lodge in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. It will offer a wide variety of American, organic, and all natural meats. Located in the Westview Promenade by Cafe Rio, Scheidauer is looking forward to the opening and what is to come.

“From farm to fork” said Jill Scheidauer, when describing the meat that will be free of hormones and steroids.

What makes this restaurant different from all of the Frederick restaurants is that the meats served will be organic and local as much as possible. Scheidauer said, “[he wanted to] change the focus to provide food that is healthy and good for you in a casual restaurant setting”.

With years of experience in the restaurant business, Scheidauer has the goal to serve meats that are good and healthy products rather than serving meats that are processed in order to make the most profit. Without compromising the taste, Scheidauer wants healthy choices for his own family and families that will come to The Lodge.

After getting the chance to look at the menu I was really excited about the variety of food that will be served. Among the traditional organic burgers there will be bison, wagyu, elk, wild boar, duck, venison and lamb.

During a charity golf tournament I was able to try bison, lamb and wild boar sliders that were offered for lunch. I have to say that the sliders were amazing and I cannot wait for the restaurant to open.

Lindsay Wolfinger, manager of The Lodge said, “[There is] no negative with offering organic items, and I think that it will really appeal to customers.” Having 13 years experience in the restaurant business, she said, “It is always exciting to open or start a new venue. We have been doing a lot of planning and work so I think we are ready to share it with the community.”

Personally, I think that Eric has hit the jackpot with his new restaurant idea, and this restaurant will become well known around the area.