Hot or Not: Halloween Edition

Maria Carberry and Kiki Mueller

HONHalloweenCandy corn (Autumn Mix):

Maria: Hot! I love candy corn but only if it is Brach’s brand. The generic store brand candy corn tastes too waxy. Also, autumn mix candy corn has the pumpkins in it which are good in small portions; I don’t like too many pumpkins because they can be too sweet.

Kiki: Hot. The theme allows for an autumn feel and creates a festive mood! Candy corn is great because it only becomes popular once a year. However, too much will make you feel like a pumpkin! It’s a super sweet treat and gives you an excuse for something good to eat!


Maria: Not. Don’t get me wrong pretzels are a great salty snack, but if they are given out on Halloween it means that they are in the place of candy- so not cool! Children go trick or treating for one thing and one thing only, CANDY. You don’t want to disappoint a child with giving them a salty snack instead of a sweet treat that they love.

Kiki: Not! Pretzels are great and all but candy is where it’s at! Pretzels can have a salt flavored cardboard taste which becomes unappealing as you are trying to munch on some sweet treats!


Maria: Not. “Trinkets” like whistles or flashlights that some people like to hand out will become extra junk in children’s homes.  For the sake of the children, please do not give out toys or other food in the place of candy! FTC- For the children!

 Kiki: Room Temperature! Trinkets are amusing for the first few minutes but then they get boring. Trinkets have minimal use and won’t ease your appetite when you’re getting in the spirit of fall! However, it is a nice change and cute little rings help you bring festivity throughout your environment. Stickers are cute when creating invitations or art projects.

Almond Joy: 

Maria: Not. An Almond Joy is a candy bar that is not only filled with coconut but it also has a coating of  chocolate and two almonds on the top. You may like this if you are a little “nutty” (get it), but I am personally not a coconut fan. I prefer candy that is mainly chocolate.

Kiki: Hot! It is such a unique treat! The coconut and almond gives an unexpected twist to the typical candy. There is a little bit of salty with a little bit of sweet which allows you to feel content, if you want tropical with a hint of protein.

Laffy Taffy:

 Maria: Not. Do you want to be eating plastic for a Halloween treat? I sure don’t. It is too hard to chew Laffy Taffy. They stick in your teeth and they make extra work for your toothbrush. The fact that they are fruit flavored makes it even more unappealing. Also, Laffy Taffy doesn’t actually make you laugh, so not cool.

Kiki: Not! The sweetness distracts you from its ability to get stuck in your teeth. The only thing appealing about it is the jokes while the variety of flavors allows for a fruity sensation giving you the idea that the banana flavored treat has a benefit other than cavities and hyper outbursts. Need I say more?


Famous people:

Maria: Not. Portraying a celebrity may seem fun, but most of the time it entails a mask and an already pre-packaged outfit from party city, which takes away the fun of creativity. This description could go for any costume but I feel like this is most common when it comes to people, it takes out the fun of creating your own costume.

Kiki:  Not! I feel like this is too basic. It doesn’t allow you to express creativity. Although you can make something funny out of it, most of the time it is a mediocre way of making someone famous look bad and is a way of bringing an individual down. Cartoon:

Maria: Hot! Dressing up as a cartoon can be extremely creative and fun, especially if it is homemade. Most people out on Halloween night will know what cartoon you are pretending to be and will recognize your effort to dress up as them. This can go for any homemade costume, however if you make a cartoon costume from scratch I commend the originality but it can be hard to do so.

Kiki: Not! Sometimes, I feel like this can get creepy. For example, teletubbies make you feel like you’re on a different planet. It can get sweaty if you are wearing full body costumes which can also create the inability to see what is around you. I mean you could be Stewie from Family Guy… if you want to look like a football. However, there is always a unique way to display your love for a favorite cartoon!  If full body suits are avoided and passion is relayed, you’ve got yourself an awesome costume!


Maria: Hot! Part of Halloween is dressing up as something unusual and putting together their own costume to show inventiveness. Whether it is a Loofah, coffee mug, or a shower- they are all great examples of inanimate object costumes that express creativity.

 Kiki: Room Temperature! These costumes make me uncomfortable….from pencils and crayons to pizza or eggs, I feel like they should stay inanimate. People may try to be clever by doing this but it’s an epic fail. If you are under the age of two then it can be cute but once you get older it looks strange. If your goal is to be funny, then go for it! Until then, leave the costumes at the store.


Maria: Hot! You and a friend can cause all eyes to go towards your costumes by making your outfits go together with thinking out of the box and being imaginative. There are so many options to choose from when picking what partner costume to portray, from cartoon best friends -Mike and Sully (Monsters Inc.), to inanimate object pairs such as peanut butter and jelly or even cheese and crackers.

Kiki: Hot! By dressing up with someone, you are able to come up with cute and creative ideas with a friend. This is a great way to bond because it allows you to choose a costume that reflects your friendship. You can do a lot of DIY projects in order to have unique outcome; this also enables a fun-filled day full of activities that will pay off aka memories that will be kept forever. Of course, a bunch of pictures are required to fully make the most of it!