Hot or Not: Technology Edition


Cartoon by Maggie Johnson

In this edition, Will and Maggie discuss new, hot technology. 


Will says: NOT- Even though I own a Nook I barely ever use it. It can make your life easier but if I’m going to read a book I’d rather have the actual book in my hands. And with having homework and afterschool activities it’s not like there is a ton of time to read for fun anyways.

Maggie says: NOT- The idea of having any book you could ever imagine accessible from a device that fits in your pocket is a great one- and already exists- along with all of the features of a computer and phone packed in one. You could just as easily read on your smartphone or tablet and not have to lug around another device- or you could just read the old fashioned way and not suffer eye strain. Let’s face it; the e-reader was obsolete the minute it came out.

Apple Products

Will says: HOT- I am a hardcore Apple lover. You really can’t go wrong with and iPhone or iPad. I find them to be way better than any other similar products. It’s really all in the name though.

Maggie says: NOT As a proud advocate of Team Andy, I must assume my duty of publicly dissing the growing monopoly and its army of minions known as the Apple Empire. The once elite smartphone intended for solely professional use, the iPhone has since reached the hands of 10 year-olds all over the nation, with the extent of the use of its brain-power being to launch Candy Crush. The iPhone marketing phenomenon has formed a mockery of the sophisticated world of computer science, morhing their brand into more of a fashion icon than a captain of industry.


Will says: HOT- Tablets are good for the kind of person who likes to use a computer as well as play on a smartphone. It is easier to see than a smartphone, and can be faster too. And if that doesn’t mean anything, they’re just really cool!

Maggie says: HOT- The perfect compromise between a smartphone and a laptop, the tablet has become a mainstream, must-have gadget for the American lifestyle since the iPad hit the market in 2010. Sized for convenient portability in a backpack or suitcase, yet with a high-definition screen spacious enough for research, taking notes and even editing images, the tablet is the new essential for college students and businessmen and women.

Personal Computers

Will says: HOT- I believe that it is really good for a student to have his/her own personal computer when in high school. That way, they can take notes, know where they are, and apply them to other sources all from one place. It also makes homework and essays ten times easier.

Maggie says: HOT- Even with new smartphones and tablets with the same capabilities emerging every season, there is still a definite place in our society for the personal laptop: in the hectic lives of hard-working high school and college students.  Its distinguishing features of a large screen and physical keyboard are very much appreciated in those tedious nights and wee hours of the morning while frantically researching and typing overdue essays.

LifeProof Cases

Will says: HOT- I own a LifeProof case and I love it. It’s super protective against drops and falls as well as waterproof and dirt proof. Unlike OtterBox cases it is not super bulky even though it protects your phone so well. The only downside would be the price, it being a little more expensive than a generic case.

Maggie says:  HOT- Water proof, shock proof, dust proof and snow proof; this case truly is the life proof essential for those with clumsy hands. However, I am not satisfied, as it still remains an iPhone exclusive item.


Will says: NOT- I personally find it extremely rude and a little bit strange when someone walks past you talking loudly on their Bluetooth. It is also rude when they are either interrupting you with it or it cuts into previous conversation with that person. All in all, I just find it extremely rude and generally unprofessional.

Maggie says: HOT- While I can admit to be subjected to some embarrassing encounters with people using Bluetooth headsets, a little awkwardness is no validation to reject these amazing pieces of technologyI recommend experimenting with these incredibly savvy devices; the occasional one-sided conversation with strangers is just one of its many valuable features.


Will says: NOT Otterboxes are big, bulky, and not waterproof in the slightest. The only thing they protect against is drops and falls, which they do a good job with. Do anything else and you’re pretty much out of luck. The one plus side is they’re less expensive, due to the fact that they do absolutely nothing.

Maggie says: HOT- Here’s my story: I decided once upon a time that I liked the ‘sleek’ look of my phone without the bulk of the OtterBox case and stripped it off. A short month later, after 3 detrimental accidents and over 400 dollars spent in repairs, I have reunited with the sturdy OtterBox and will never look back.

The Samsung “Gear”

Will says: HOT- A brand new “smart” watch, the Samsung Gear hooks up to your phone as almost a Siri on your wrist. It can tell time as well as give you reminders for messages, calls, and appointments. I personally think it’s one of the coolest things out there. The only problem is the steep $299.99 price tag. But hey, the holidays will be here before we know it, right?

Maggie says: HOT- Despite the exorbitant price, the Samsung Gear is the very first of its kind, exceptionally useful for those with busy schedules juggle their appointments and maintain a healthy balance of work and leisure in their life. Expect this item to be on the hot list on Black Friday, so be sure to get there early.

MP3 Players

Will says: NOT- The prehistoric MP3 player has passed its time. With smartphones being the “in” thing right now and even iPods being a thing of the past, MP3 players are so old news. On top of that, most of this generation probably doesn’t even know what one is.

Maggie says: NOT- Initially a huge fan and supporter of the MP3 Player, I have surrendered my old faithful MP3 Player to the pile of antiquated devices. The process of downloading, syncing and transferring the media onto a separate device is now a long, unnecessary chore that has been eliminated in smartphones and tablets.

Beats Headphones/ Earphones

Will says: HOT- These headphones and earphones are probably the best on the market so far. They cancel out all of the noise to provide the best sound quality available. I personally am a fan of the earphones because they are a little more inconspicuous but many like the headphones more. Either way, it is worth the money if you are a fan of listening to great music at an even better quality.

Maggie says: NOT- Perfect for the typical, insecure teenager that is regularly victimized by the pressures of social media and their peers to be ‘hip’, the Beats products are extremely overpriced and glamourized, almost to the extent of being garish. Unless Dr. Dre is your idol, skip investing in this fad and get the same, high-quality sound with a pair of reasonable Sony headphones.