Tips From Deputy Stocks

Deputy Stocks shares safety tips for students.
Samantha Kellogg 
Deputy Stocks shares safety tips for students.

Deputy Brian Stocks, our school resource officer, has some safety tips for students, last year Urbana high school felt they had to stress to students to avoid texting while driving. Stocks said, “No text is worth losing your life.”

Another piece of advice from Stocks was “Secure your valuables.” Stocks said, “In locker rooms items are being stolen.” So many students forget to lock up their valuables and are faced with the negative consequence.

Stocks let out another reminder, “Be responsible while using social media, don’t give out any personal information; be mature and responsible. Do not post any inappropriate pictures of yourself on the Internet. There were a lot of problems with that last year and it does filter into the school [even if the problem was created outside of school]; think before you type,” Stocks said. Remember, anything posted on the Internet never goes away for good.

Stocks also said, “Do not speed; if you are already late it doesn’t matter. Make sure you wear your seat belt. Driving, [is permitted] not distracted driving.”

“Make sure you do not prop doors open [in school] and don’t let anybody in you don’t recognize.” Stocks said.