So you’ve applied to college, now what?

Use these handy tricks to ace your first interview!


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Portrait of young Indian female client or candidate sitting at table, talking to senior male manager and smiling in office. Job interview or consultancy concept

The next step after applying to a college is getting past the interview. College interviews are very stressful experiences. It’s your first chance to show your personality and in some cases may make or break your acceptance into that college. But rest assured, these simple tips will guarantee your success!

1. Make a memorable entrance

Interviewers often see multiple candidates a day, so you want to be as memorable as possible starting from the beginning. Firm handshakes are all well and good, but taking it a step further will fully cement your place in your interviewer’s memory. Some suggestions are:

  1. Cartwheel into the room: This would show both your athletic ability and your enthusiasm.
  2. Kiss: The more passionate the kiss, the more passionate you are about getting into said college. Make sure to maintain eye contact to demonstrate your seriousness.
  3. Spider crawl like the Exorcist: Before entering, lay on your back and push down with your arms and legs until you are in “bridge” position. Crawl in this way to assert your dominance and show your knowledge of pop culture.


2. Body Language is key

Most communication is nonverbal, so good body language is crucial to having a successful interview. Avoid swiveling in your chair or slouching. Your posture should make you seem professional and poised. Bowing on the floor has been proven to be the most effective position in both of these aspects. This position also shows your loyalty to the college.

3. Choose distinct interests

A common question during these college interviews is “What are your interests outside of school?”. Prepare an answer beforehand that shows your personality and further convince the interviewer that you are the perfect candidate. It does not matter if they are true or not. Good examples of unique hobbies are:

  1. Stalking – Shows you are hardworking and get to the bottom of things.
  2. Blackmailing – Shows you are smart and good at exploiting people’s weaknesses, an important skill for adulthood.
  3. Reading – Shows you are articulate and relatable.

4. Send a thank-you note

Sending a handwritten thank-you note is a polite way to conclude your interview. Make sure to mention anything that you and your interviewer connected with (a book, an experience, etc.). Also don’t forget to attach photos of their family, and add in a lock of their partner’s hair for good measure! Accidents happen…


And that’s it! Hopefully these tips will help you ace your next college interview!