Student Spotlight: Jack Slyman

Sylvia Liang, Reporter

Jack Slyman is a student at Urbana High, who believes that corporations should be disestablished, likes pink floyd, is into multiple bands, and likes playing games.

Jack has been playing the guitar for 2 ½ years, and is in 2 bands. He enjoys playing in them, describing them as fun, and plays indie and grunge rock”, along with “new metal and all rock”. Jack also writes songs in his free time, and believes that the band Pink Floyd has influenced not only his music, but also how he views the world. “[it] … changed how I deal with mental health, how to write good music – what a good concept album was – and what’s important.”

When he isn’t doing music, he plays games, and reads novels. “[i read] a lot of … best fiction for teens, for example, Staying Fat For Sarah Burns’ ‘, along with “[playing] a lot of skate 3 and play a lot of team fortress 2”.

He’s also passionate about politics, and says that he has “strong politics”. Jack calls himself a “big socialist”, and supports medicare for all, abortion rights. If he could change 1 thing in the world, he responded, saying that he would cause the “disestablishment of corporations”.