Student Spotlight: Aaliyah Pinto

Emma Pritchard

Aaliyah Pinto has been attending Urbana High School for the past four years.  Something that she is good at is soccer and guitar.  “I’ve always had a natural talent for both and continue to try to improve.”(Aaliyah Pinto) Outside of school she likes to “play soccer and play video games and watch anime.”(Aaliyah Pinto) Soccer is something that her and her dad bonded over. It also helped them be closer together. Some awards that she has gotten are “honor roll, the ib student certificate for a certain trait that I showed, in middle school, we won 2 trophies for a competition.”(Aaliyah Pinto) When asked about the worst thing about being a senior she said “the responsibility and stress of making sure you get into a good college or university and you already have to have something planned for your future.”(Aaliyah Pinto) When I asked her if she thinks that high school is preparing you for college. She said “No, it isn’t. Depending on why your true goals and dream is, some classes are absolutely meaningful to our future. We don’t learn about financial aid unless you sign up for the class. It’s not even required.”(Aaliyah Pinto) Her plans after high school is to go “to community college and then hopefully transfer to a university and I plan on keeping my part time job.”(Aaliyah Pinto)