Featured Artist: Photographer, Kirsten Jock


Advanced Photography Student, Kristen Jock.
Bethany Straus
Advanced Photography Student, Kirsten Jock.

Kirsten Jock is a senior with an eye for photography and a history with the hobby. She is currently taking an advanced photography class at Urbana, and she recently showed her photographs at the Frederick County Fair.

Hawkeye Reporter: So, what got you interested in photography?

Kirsten Jock: I think when I was younger, in elementary school, I liked taking pictures, and then when I needed an art credit for high school, I did not want to have to draw, so I took photography.

HR: How long have you been taking photography classes at Urbana?

KJ: I have been taking them since freshman year, so four years.

HR: What do you enjoy about photography?

KJ: I enjoy going out and taking pictures. Looking at a normal object, and then taking a picture of it at an angle that makes it look different and interesting is something that I really like about photography.

HR: Do you have specific things like you like to take pictures of?

KJ: No, I just take pictures of whatever I think will look good in a picture. I don’t have one type of thing I like to take pictures of.

HR: Have you thought about pursuing any careers related to photography?

KJ: I did for a while, but they are really competitive and hard to get into, unless you do something like photograph weddings. I do not really want my career to be taking pictures at people’s weddings over the weekends.

HR: Do you have a favorite photographer?

KJ: Not really, but I do like Matthew Brady. He took a lot of pictures during the Civil War, pictures that were taken in this area. It is really cool when you look at his pictures, which were taken years ago, and then you look at the places where those pictures were taken now, and they look really different now.

HR: Are you taking any other art classes at Urbana?

KJ: I am just taking photography. I have no artistic abilities besides photography.

HR: Do you ever enter your work in competitions?

KJ: No, not besides the art show here. But I did put some work to show at the fair.

HR: What is the hardest part about photography?

KJ: I think the hardest part is coming up with the idea for the photo, and then figuring out where you are going to take it. That can be difficult.

HR: Do you have any advice for people who are interested in photography?

KJ: Well, be creative and be yourself, but also, don’t be afraid to look at other people’s work for inspiration. That can really help you with your own ideas.