UHS Annual Ceramic Sale


This year all of Mrs. Snyder’s ceramics classes are creating artistic pieces for the annual Ceramic Holiday Sale. The sale is set to take place Monday December 16 & Tuesday December 17th. Students are working like Santa’s little elves, firing and glazing their one-of-a-kind unique pieces, so that they can be ready for the sale. 


These pieces make the perfect gift for friends, family, and for yourself! They range from miniature plates to mugs, candle holders, little accents, bowls, and ornaments that you can hang on your wall or on your christmas tree. And don’t worry because there is a good amount of each. Teachers can purchase them throughout the day in Mrs. Snyder’s room and students can purchase them throughout the lunch shifts Monday and Tuesday, but hurry because the pieces may go fast.


The holidays are right around the corner, so why not gift someone you appreciate something handmade that not only shows thought, but creativity as well. Why not give a favorite somebody a gift that they will truly cherish and never forget? The prices of the pieces range between $3-$15, which isn’t all bad for the amount of artistic creativity that’s in each piece. 


All the money made from the sale is going to a wonderful program called the Holiday Gift Card Donation Drive. This organization helps out local community members by giving them gift cards for the holiday season. Mrs. Snyder says “It’s a fun event for a great cause. The amount of hard work each student put in is truly amazing.” 


This is a great opportunity to not only buy gifts for friends and teachers, but to help out your local community members. So spread the word to your friends, teachers, etc. And get ready to come and stop by to look at the beautiful display!