New Girls Basketball Coach 

by Christine McKee

Girls Varsity Basketball team with their new coach on the far right.
Courtesy of Olivia Madaras
Girls Varsity Basketball team with their new coach on the far right.





For the start of a new season, the Urbana girls’ varsity basketball team has a new coach. Katherine Linehan had been the UHS varsity assistant coach for many years before last year when she transferred to Linganore to become the coach there. She has come back to Urbana this year to become head coach.

The girls are looking forward to the season ahead of them. They are looking to improve both individually and as a whole. The team is made up of a “good group of girls with good chemistry” said Alyssa McCaskill. This is will make it easier for them to work to reach their goals.

Everyone has a positive view of what a new coach is doing to help influence their playing. “She has good energy,” said Regan Lohr. She gives a new view of the group as a whole as well as making changes.

She has changed the practice structure and the team has noticed the increase in conditioning. They are hoping this new boost of energy will be apparent as the season starts. This could help them find their confidence and help them achieve their goal of making it farther as a team through both regular season and play-offs.

Last year, the team only made it to the first round of play-offs, due to their loss against TJHS. Although play-offs ended sooner than hoped, the girls still improved as the regular season games went on. All of the players were proud of their performance last year in regular season but is still looking to improve their ratio of wins to losses.

After losing three strong seniors last year, all of the girls are ready to step up to the challenge. There will only be four seniors this year, seven juniors, and a freshman, so the team will have to rise to the test. There will be a lot of young talent and a lot more learning to do as the season begins.

Three of the girls’ have played for the coach before this season and are happy to be playing for her again. “She was fun as an assistant coach, but I’m excited to see her as head coach,” said Madeline Cederdahl. The returning players on varsity are also excited to see how the team plays with a new change.

“Everyone is very excited to play for her,” said Alyssa McCaskill. There is excitement to see what new changes the coach will bring to their games. They have only seen the difference in practices, which have been positive changes. The new practice structures have helped, although it is all a new change and the girls are continuing to adapt to the new environment.

Overall, the season ahead of them is looking very good. There is a lot of excitement to see what will happen. “Hopefully we will go really far in play offs and just have fun,” said Regan Lohr.