Mitch Holson Breaks the UHS High Jump Record

Kevin West


Holson competes in the high jump at Hagerstown Community College
Photo Courtesy of Mitch Holson
Holson competes in the high jump at Hagerstown Community College.

Mitch Holson broke the indoor track and field record for high jump by clearing six feet at regionals. Holson also holds the school records for triple jump and long jump.

Holson practices just about every day of the week except Sunday, whether it is at practice or drills he works on at home. He said, “Athletes can have natural talent but a lot of it is what is developed at practice. You can’t just naturally jump six “.

Before Holson graduates from UHS, he plans on breaking the outdoor high jump record of 6 feet 4 inches which was set by Carson Baker in 2003.

Next year Holson plans on attending Florida State University for film directing and production. He does not plan on keeping up   with track and field or high jump through college because he plans to be busy, but he is going to keep running when he can.

Holsons teammate Sawyer Estok said, “Mitch leads by example and hard work.”

Holson is appreciated as an athlete but also as a teammate. Another one of Holson’s teammates, Yuri Brunner, said Holson’s performance in high jump was “incredible to watch”.

“He is someone I can look up too as a leader even though we don’t have captains. I look forward to working with him and watching him compete during outdoor,” Brunner said,

Holsons coach, Ross Stafford said, “Mitch is calm and reserved, He works in and out of practice, and he is constantly looking for new ways to improve. He leads by example through his performances, and he is immensely humble.”

“I think the qualities Mitch exhibits as an athlete can also be seen in other aspects of his life. He is very structured in his work ethic. What I mean by that is that hell set a long term goal for himself and set sub-goals along the way to help him reach his overall goal. He’s the master of the little things when it comes to conditioning and stretching. I see him as one of the few athletes that has a clear understanding of his body, he knows his limitations, though he works at exceeding them, and he knows what his body needs, i.e. rest or more intense training,” said Stafford.

Holson has demonstrated his hard work towards track through his years at high school and will continue to work hard to achieve his goal.