Tuscarora Titans and Urbana Hawks Men’s basketball game… who will win?


Skylar cox, reporter

 The Urbana Hawks sadly lost the 1st game against Tuscarora Titans with 60-58 at Tuscarora. With The Hawks being at home can they have the energy to take back a win?

C DAVID BETA        

Before the game I was lucky enough to pull 2 Varsity basketball players number 20 (Jared Huseby) and number 3 (Youseff Ali). These two were asked the same questions about this upcoming game and their responses were very positive. Here is what they have to say about the upcoming game. When asked “Do you think your team will comeback and defeat Tuscarora unlike last time”  Youssef Ali replied “ Yes we will, No doubt about it i feel confident in my teammates”. Another question was “What will you do differently about this game then last time” Jared Huseby replied “We aren’t going to be selfish and play as hard as we can; Going to make sure we are running out plays and having the best mentality”. These were really positive notes for this game they were looking forward to.

           In the beginning of the game the energy and teamwork was good. Both teams were hustling up and down with dribbling,passing and shooting the ball. In the First quarter at 6:25 Tuscarora was leading 6 while Urbana had 4 only a basket away from being tied. In the first quarter the opposing teams’ crowds went crazy when number 20 (Andrew Kabisritsi) stole the ball and dunked, the Tuscarora fans went loud! With the ball being stolen and dunked you can tell Urbana is having incomplete passes and lacking to work together, and hopefully they can get it together and start to work as a team. With 2:59 remaining on the clock of the First quarter it’s Tuscarora leading with 13 and Urbana 7. Urbana called their forest timeout, and the score is 7 to 15, hopefully the boys can get back up. Number 11 (James Miller) on Tuscarora shooting and missing a three at the end of the quarter it is now 7 Hawks and 17 Tuscarora

              With the start of the second quarter things are looking more positive and maybe Urbana Hawks can get some points in. With another dunk from Tuscarora from number 14 (Camron Harry) the score is now 8 Hawks and 22 Titans.  Work is being put in and teams are hustling up and down the courts. It’s now 3:33 left in the 2nd quarter the score is now 10 Hawks and 30 Titans. Things aren’t looking good for the Hawks, maybe more energy and motivation was needed at the moment. At the end of the 2nd quarter it was now 17 Urbana Hawks and 34 Tuscarora. It seems like Urbana is starting to get some points there so lets hope they keep the same energy. Hopefully while they are in half time they can get some wise words from the coach and can get their heads in the game.

           With the 3rd quarter starting the Hawks are looking better and more teamwork is being shown. Hopefully they have come up with strategies to come back and win this game. Great passes and shots are made on both teams and the defense on Tuscarora was amazing. It’s now 4:45 left in the 3rd quarter and it’s 21 Urbana and 36 Tuscarora. With Urbana catching up I think there’s hope we can take a win tonight. 36.3 seconds are left in the 3rd quarter and Urbana is coming back up 34 to 40 with only 6 points to be tied. This game is getting good!

     the 4th quarter is now starting 36 to 40 go Hawks! With the Hawks and Titans pushing this last quarter and leaving everything on the court it’s constant back and forth with teams running up and down the court. 4:47 on the clock in the 4th quarter and Hawks are on the stretch on defeating the Titans it’s now 41 to 49 and it’s such a close call. Urbana calls their final and last timeout with 40 seconds left on the clock it’s 54 to 56 and Tuscarora is up by 2. Will they tie this and keep going? Who knows at this point. 

   With it being the end of the game the final score is 59 to 60 the Hawks took a loss. But with the putting the effort and teamwork in during the rest of the second half they did really well. The Urbana Hawks and Tuscarora Titans had a good game and both went strong. With both teams working hard they both deserve a pat on their back. Good job for winning Titans and you will get them next time Hawks.