Hungry before class? Here are some quick, easy snacks to eat in rush

Madison Moran

Here are some ideas for breakfast and snacks that are quick and easy for students to eat in between meetings or when they wake up.

During this unfortunate time online school and quarantine, some students do not wake up early enough to make something good to eat. They have to jump onto class, but breakfast is the most important meal! Here are some snacks to grab to eat in the morning to fill you up for at least the first block.

For a quick breakfast you could make oatmeal, strawberries, cereal such as special K, toast, avocado toast, and even microwavable breakfast sandwiches would be perfect.  Another very popular breakfast food that only takes a few minutes to make is a bagel. “I eat bagels almost every morning, they are filling and easy to make,” said Presley Musser (12). Bagels are a perfect example of a quick easy breakfast, they are a good way to fill up fast and they come in so many different kinds!

Another example of a quick easy breakfast is cereal. “My favorite kind of cereal is cinnamon toast crunch,” Sean Kelty (12) said. Cereal is super easy to make and is filling as well. It is a perfect breakfast especially for those running late. If you are in second block and start to get hungry there are a few things you can grab from the pantry to hold you over until lunch.

Teagan Wootton (12) explained, “My favorite snack during this time has been the Fritos BBQ twists.” These are a good example of what you can eat during class or in between classes. Other popular snacks were Granola bars and fruit snacks. Teagan continued, “I eat them during second block before I eat lunch if I am hungry.”

Granola bars are a perfect example of a healthy quick snack, they are usually high in protein and fiber depending on what brand and kind you purchase. Fruit snacks are an easy grab in the pantry, they are healthy and are obviously quick to eat. Some quick and easy snacks you can eat before lunch could be hummus, vegetables and fruits such as peanut butter and apples or strawberries, gold fish, crackers, a quick sandwich and even soup.

During this time while students are at home and their parents are at work it’s harder to make and find what to eat during the day. Especially during this online school, some students do not wake up early enough to eat a nice breakfast, in this case however there are many snacks and breakfast foods that are simple to make and take almost no time to make as well! A few of these being pop tarts, oatmeal, eggs, microwavable breakfast sandwiches and fruits. Students who were used to having their lunches made may struggle with what to eat during the day.  While in quarantine and in online class we need to work on staying healthy and bettering ourselves. These easy to grab snacks and breakfasts should try and make your life a little easier during confused times such as these.