Isabella Mariani, Reporter

Freshman Ava-Grace Lee may seem like an average student at Urbana High School, but if you know her, you know she’s a talented artist. 

Art was something Ava-Grace always enjoyed as a kid. “When I was younger I always liked drawing and painting,” she says. “Two of my aunts were good at art and it was just always something I was interested in.”

Art has always been Ava-Grace’s favorite subject in school because of the unique projects and because it is a form of self expression. Ava-Grace enjoys drawing portraits and landscapes but has recently taken up the hobby of drawing people doing day-to-day activities. She also enjoys taking pictures of things she sees and drawing them. 

Ava-Grace is an exceptionally kind and caring person as well. Her favorite piece she has ever done has sentimental value tied to it: it was a drawing she did for her grandparents wedding anniversary. 

Art is not the only thing that Ava-Grace enjoys; she likes running and is even on the school’s track and field team. A while ago Ava-Grace ran in a 5k charity for a hospital.

“I joined the track and field team because it’s a fun way to make friends while doing something I enjoy!” Ava-Grace said. 

Throughout everything Ava-Grace does she has a couple of role models that she looks up to: her mom and Taylor Swift. 

“I look up to my mom because she’s really hard working,” Ava-grace explains, “and I look up to Taylor Swift because she always says what she believes in.” 

In the future Ava wishes to continue being an artist, and wants a job where she can travel around the world but still have a steady income. Ava-Grace said it was a bit far-fetched, but “you can dream right?”