Isabella Mariani, Reporter

 A community built over an entire season of cross country is at jeopardy because of constant injury. But there is still hope to be a part of the team by becoming a team manager for the girls indoor track and field team. 

Katrin Williams, a junior here at Urbana High School, is the team manager for the girls indoor track and field team after trying out for the cross country team the fall of her sophomore year. But after facing multiple injuries she was faced with the decision to either keep injuring herself and be a part of the team or leave it all behind. That was until the opportunity to be the team manager presented itself. “Well after I tried out for cross country last fall and kept getting injured, I still liked staying around with the team and a lot of my friends participated and eventually the coach just asked if I could help manage indoor track.” 

Williams also dedicates a lot of her time to being a track and field manager because of track meets due to the frequency and how long they can take to be completed. 

When she’s not in the stands supporting her friends and keeping times, Katrin is a dedicated and intelligent student here at Urbana. She is enrolled in classes like AP calculus AB BC and AP environmental science. On top of these Katrin is also a member of an assortment of clubs here at Urbana including red cross and a better you. She is also an incredibly kind and encouraging person who believes that people should be able to live their life doing what makes them happy and surrounding themselves with people who support them and make them happy. 

Although Katrin is unsure of where she would like to attend college right now or what her major will be able to catch her traveling the world after finding herself a stable career. “I want to be able to get a stable career to help support myself and my family, and I want to travel around the world and just be happy with my life.”