UHS Art Students Get Upgrade

Maddi Rihn

Mac LabMaddi Rihn

Early this March, art and publications teacher Jeff Bohlander received a serious upgrade in his classroom technology. Using yearbook funds, Mac computers were purchased for the computer graphics, publications, and art students to use for the research and completion of projects.

“[Macs are] a standard in the profession of graphic arts,” said Bohlander. “Students will be able to learn on what professionals use.”

The new computers will definitely have an effect on the quality of student projects, especially for students in computer-based classes like computer graphics and publications. In general, Macs work better than PC’s, and are a “much more stable platform to work on,” said Bohlander. Adobe programs are also native to Mac, and run much more efficiently. “Half of [our] PC’s don’t work, [and] the technology will really benefit students,” he said.

As of early April, the lab was completely set up. Students are very excited about the new technology.

In the future, Bohlander sees Mac labs at more schools, especially for computer graphics students.

  This new technology will no doubt benefit the learning and creating experiences of present and future computer graphics, publications, and art students.