Urbana Hawks JV lacrosse of 2023

Skylar cox, reporter

Have you ever thought of trying a new sport? Well if so the lacrosse team is just for

This year there are a lot of new players and returning players on the JV Lacrosse
team. With only a scrimmage happening on Friday the 10th of march,there isn’t
much in the season that has happened. As someone who has grown up playing
sports and is very athletic in some fields, if you’re like me then maybe try or take on
a new sport. The Urbana Lacrosse JV team is to get you ready for varsity year. When
on JV you learn new skills,fix old habits, and gain more abilities in the sport.
I was able to interview a player on the team who is new to the sport as well. She
said there are about 24 girls on the team which means they have a stacked team
and many girls who are ready to play. When asked “What is something you want to
achieve this year?”, Allie said “Getting better at the sport in general and learning
how to be a part of a team.”. Many people don’t know what it’s like to be a part of
something and it’s completely okay but in this scenario this player is trying to be a
part of something and that’s amazing and what we want to see happening at
Urbana High School. Another question asked was “Do you think this season will be
good?”She also responded with ” Yes, because we practice everyday and get ready
for games!”.
Something that is also really good that comes from this sport is the college
scholarships for this sport. Many boys and girls have gotten scholarships for this
sport because here there is a lot of talent in that field. That’s why when coaches say
give 110% you give it, because you never know who could be getting scouted for
colleges, it could even be you!