Do you have a Halloween costume yet? Check out these ideas for inspiration

Do you have a Halloween costume yet? Check out these ideas for inspiration

Dianna Solis, Reporter

Not sure what to dress up as this year? Look no further. Read on for some ideas for a costume that is sure to wow your friends at any Halloween event.

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Fairy Costume

Fairy Halloween costume is a great idea to wear with a group of friends, as a duo , or even a costume to wear alone by yourself! The fairy costume you could change to match your aesthetic , the costume idea you get to choose your own pieces of clothing that you personally like. The fairy costume is unique because no one can choose the same pieces of clothing as you and you could explore unique styles to make the fairy costume personally match your personality. The fairy costume helps to express the different bright colors, glitter and sparkle, and fairy wings that incorporate into the unique details of fairies mystical background. The Halloween costume could be worn with a sparkly skirt, sparkly dress or silk dress, and a sparkly loose skirt which could be paired with fairy wings, fairy wand, and sparkly butterfly top.

         The image above is a collage of ideas that could be used to help get ideas of what to wear, pieces that would match the aesthetic of the fairy costume. The links provided below will be able to help get ideas of what you like personally from the images above to wear for Halloween as a fairy. 



Fairy Wings ( With multiple color/pattern design options) :

Sparkly Lose Skirts (multiple color options) :

Fairy Wands ( multiple color options) :

Sparkly Butterfly Top:

Silk Mini Dress ( multiple color options) :

Sparkly Dress ( multiple color options):

White leather heel boots:

Strap heels :

Body/Face glitter:


Space Cowgirl Costumes

Space cowgirl costumes are a great Halloween costume idea to do with a group of friends and duo. The space cowgirl costume ideas help bring a unique idea of two different topics of cowgirls and space combined to get the idea of space cowgirls with the different perspectives to make the costume unique and fun! With the colors of space holographic, glitter, sparkle, bright neon colors, cowgirl boots, and fun decorative cowgirl hats. The cowgirl hats could be bought or unique by customizing your own cowgirl hat by buying a plain cowgirl hat and being able to add color, glitter, or pieces to make it unique and personalized to you. The Halloween costume could be worn with many different pieces of clothing of holographic skirt, shorts, or pants, with pink, white, black, or holographic sight t-shirt tops. The costume could be paired with cowgirl or high top heel boots with bandannas and cowgirl hat paired.

The image above is a collage of ideas to help get an idea of pieces of clothing and a general idea to help influence the idea of space cowgirl outfits. The links below are provided to help get ideas of pieces you personally like from the image above and be able to get pieces needed if you are influenced to want to wear this costume for Halloween! 



Cowgirl hats:

Sparkly Lose Skirts (multiple color options) :

Holographic shorts: &qid=1633003787&sprefix=holographic+shorts%2Caps%2C200&sr=8-5

Holographic pants : &qid=1633003837&sr=8-5

Pink and White Bandana ( multiple pair color options): &qid=1633003883&sr=8-5

White leather heel boots:

Cowgirl boots: &qid=1633004041&sr=8-10

Bodysuit: &qid=1633004070&sr=8-6

Long sleeve hot pink top/white: &qid=1633004112&sr=8-1

Cow print top: &qid=1633004136&sr=8-5

Body/Face glitter:


Jersey Halloween Costume

The jersey Halloween costume can be expanded into many different ideas of being able to express boys favorite sport jerseys of soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and etc.. The Halloween costume of jerseys could become uni-sex for both male and female can use this Halloween costume idea. Since normally for boys at a teenage age/ high school age it’s harder to find Halloween costumes, the jersey’s costume is a good way to help young teenage boys to express their favorite sports and favorite professional players. This is a fun, unique and easy Halloween costume that could be worn perfect in any way.

 The image helps get ideas and an example of how the jersey Halloween costume could be worn both ways for male or female, the links below can help you find the pieces of clothing you like from the images above and pieces of clothing that are needed for this Halloween costume. The Halloween costume could be worn in many different ways for females with leggings, shorts, and even a skirt with the jersey on top of a sweater, over a tank top, or for baseball jerseys could be open with a tight top showing. The jersey costume for male could be worn with sweatpants, joggers, shorts, and even jeans with your jersey top top of a sweater or t-shirt. This jersey costume could as well be worn with any type of shoes such as Nike sneakers, air force,  high top converse, and vans. Hockey jerseys for the males could be paired with the females wearing sparkly dresses as gold or silver to represent ¨NHL¨ cup, you could use a piece of black paper to cut out and make the piece of paper sign say¨NHL¨. The jerseys could be as well styled with fun black face paint to look sporty and get into character for Halloween!

Leggings ( multiple color options) :

Crop top/t- shirt top:

Basketball jerseys:

Football jerseys:

Baseball jerseys:

Sparkly Silver Dress: &qid=1633021300&sr=8-5

Gold Silver Dress: &qid=1633021361&sr=8-2

Hockey Jersey:

Face paint:


Devil and Angel Duo Costume 

The devil and angel duo costume would be a great duo Halloween costume that you could wear with a friend or couple costume. This Halloween costume could even be worn both ways uni-sex for the male and female to match each other, and with a friend. The Halloween costume could be worn with angel wings, white tutus, white skirts, white leggings/pants, with white tops, white shoes such as air forces, converse, or vans. The angel costume could as well be worn with an all white dress and paired with an angel headband. The devil costume could be paired with red devil headband horns, devil wand, all black dress, red top with a red skirt, black leggings and red top or red leggings and red top. The devil and angel duo costume is unique because it could as well be worn separately with just either being an angel or devil if you don’t have anyone to match with you, the costume is fun and would be able to be worn in any unique way! 

     The collage above helps to balance ideas of what could be worn when choosing this idea for Halloween with the links providing the pieces of clothing and accessories that could be worn with this devil and angel Halloween costume. 




Devil Costume – 

 Devil wand:

 Red long gloves: &qid=1633011509&sr=8-5

Red top: &qid=1633011535&sr=8-5

Red dress: &qid=1633011554&sr=8-10]

Black Dress:

Black leather heel boots: &qid=1633011631&sr=8-3

Devil headband horns: &qid=1633011674&sr=8-5

Red Skirt/Tutu:

Red and Black leggings ( Multiple color options) : Red: &qid=1633011703&sr=8-7



Body glitter:

White Tutu:

White skirt:

Sparkly skirt: &qid=1633012013&sr=8-3

White top:

White dress:

White leggings:

Angel headband: &qid=1633011890&sr=8-7

White leather heel boots:

Angel wings: &qid=1633011842&sr=8-10