Did you go to the IB Showcase last Thursday? : Photo of the Day 3/2/2020

Kyra Lipetzky

“The IB Showcase is basically an opportunity where every kid in the IB program displays what they have been working on all year. For art there are big displays by person. For music there are active performances during the showcase. Every other subject is displayed on tables, with each student getting a table to display their presentations, projects, essays, and service activities. The projects/essays that are displayed are our biggest, most important ones that influence our final grade in the subject. We also have an extensive silent auction to help us pay for our fees and exams.” – Megan Peery (a senior and IB student)

For more information contact the Urbana IB Office (240-236-7748) or visit the school website (http://education.fcps.org/uhs).