Presley Chaney: Senior

Presley Channey

“What can you tell me about the Student Peace Award of Frederick County you are receiving?”

“It is an award given to kids who really get involved or go out of their way in the community. It can be anything from doing things involved in the school to taking initiative and going outside the school. So basically besides helping out after school I also go into the community and help out with things like Heroes and Helpers which basically takes kids that are in poverty and you know we give them a $100 gift card to let’s say Target, and then they have full range of the store. They can buy whatever they want. We help them out with their decisions, stuff like that and I’ve helped out at many events. I’ve also done Honor Guards for ceremonies. [I was also involved in] a weeklong camp during the summer for kids who are normally [exposed] to the bad side of police [from their experience with] family members who have been locked up and they don’t really have a good relationship [with police]. We expose them to these officers helping out and getting involved with them, so they have a better picture of the police and just things like that. This award is for people who try to make the community better. Nowadays a lot of people are self-centered and this award reflects individuals working as a team instead of working on themselves.”