Hailey Gorman: Junior

Hayley Gorman

“Tell me about the MS run.”

“The MS run is a run my sisters and I created in honor of my mom who has been suffering from MS and this is our fifth year doing it. We just want to help my mom.”

“What does it support?”

“Multiple sclerosis which is a disease that eats away at your nerves, makes easy life activities harder like my mom can’t really feed herself, she shakes so bad she can barely walk, she’s really dizzy, and it doesn’t just affect you physically it affects you mentally. Sometimes she can’t remember simple things like getting my sister up to get on the bus who’s eight years old. A lot of days my mom is not there and so we have to pick up where she’s not. As a young child my older sister was the mother figure for us because no one was there, and now that she’s gone at college that’s where I am, and we all have to do things that other kids wouldn’t have to do and kind of step up.”