Una Noche En La Comunidad

Naomi Cuzmar, Music Editor, The Page Editor

 En La Comunidad is a coat drive hosted by the Spanish Honor Society (SHS) to collect as many coats as possible while providing entertainment and a cultural experience. A variety of foods from a range of ethnicities will be provided as well as drinks and games.

 This coat drive was started by the SHS and advisor Mr. Ayerdiz. This is currently the third year that En La Comunidad is being hosted. The SHS advisors, Ms.Raborg and Mr. Ayerdiz, wanted to create an event that would provide an opportunity for the SHS to reach out to people and have an opportunity for the members of SHS to earn the required club points. This is a chance for the students to give back to the community and feel like they are helping others.

 The name of this event “En La Comunidad,” which means “In The Community,” was created by the SHS because of the different cultures represented by the club. The diversity of the cultures will be shown by the varieties of foods that the students of the club will make from countries that they know well or come from. To read the rest of this story, pick up a copy of The Hawkeye from the newsstand near the front office or the media center.