The Ultimate Holiday Gift List


Audrey Houghton and Dunja Senic

Stuck thinking of gifts to get loved ones for the holidays? Don’t want to get the same old gifts every year? No need to worry. We got you covered! Here’s some of our favorites to help you become the best gift giver this holiday season! Let’s get to gift shopping!

Gifts to give to parents:

Even if they tell you they don’t want anything, trust me, they do. A handmade gift like a card, a story, or a drawing can definitely work! However, if you’re looking for something to actually purchase for your parents this year, you’re in the right place.

Gifts to give to friends:

Let’s be honest, friends can be all over the place with the kinds of gifts they want. One year I got one friend a spiked choker and another friend a whole set of individually-packaged glitter. There’s something out there for everyone, though, so here are a few of the different types of friends we think you might have.

  • For the cutesy friend: Cat socks are a cute accessory to any outfit,  A giant burrito blanket for the ultimate blanket burrito, 
  • This Candle for the friend with a temper 
  • Most heartfelt: I wrote a book about you or This coffee cup
  • This Cute Moon Lamp if your friend likes to decorate their room
  • For the artsy friend: Calligraphy sets
  • For the friend with a green thumb: Cacti, Succulents
  • Jewelry’s a great gift to show your love for your friends. You can get your friends some rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even a jewelry tray for them to keep it in! In case you need some ideas, here is this cute moon tray but we’ll keep the jewelry decisions to you and your friends’ preferences! 
    • If you have a friend that loves crystals AND candles, this one would be an amazing choice! This candle has a bunch of little crystals inside that you can see as the candle burns out. 
    • If you have a friend that loves to capture moments with photos, disposable cameras are a great choice! You can add in some film, such as this pack, with different amounts depending on how many pictures they would take.
  • Some game/show specific gifts:
  • For the Harry Potter Fanatic: A color changing mug (it’s a double surprise!) or beautiful Foil Cup
  • For the Squid Game Friend: The honeycomb-cookie cutters
  • For the Arcane Lover: Jinx’s cannon keychain
  • For the Friend who loves F*R*I*E*N*D*S: A personalizable cup 
  • For the Youtuber/Streamer: A new mic

Gifts on a Budget: 

If you are trying to stay within budget and keep the gifts affordable, here are some ideas for gifts that can be put in a little package for friends, parents, siblings, etc!

  • Hair ties and hair accessories can be put in stocking stuffers too! Claw hair clips were recommended by a few people including Misree Saini, 10, who said, “I’m definitely asking for a bunch of hair clips for Christmas this year.. They’re so cute!”  Here’s this pack that we found!
  • If you know someone’s favorite candy, those are great and easy gifts to get at any grocery store! 
  • If you have friends that love makeup, there are lots of budget options that you can get as well as buying them a month subscription of a cosmetic brand they like! 
  • Miniature/Travel Sized Skincare is a great option to gift people so they can try out new products or have mini versions of products they already use when going on vacation! 
  • Face masks are a gift you and your friends could do together! There’s so many options like sheet masks, peel off masks, and clay masks!

Please in the end, remember that the most important part of gift giving is the thought behind it. I’m sure you have plenty of inside jokes we’d never know or shows/movies they enjoy that we wouldn’t think of. Get personal with it; you probably know them a lot better than any of us. No matter what happens, there’s always more birthdays and more holidays in the future. You’ll never know what they’ll like until you start giving!