Olivia Rogers
Olivia Rogers is a Junior at Urbana High School. She was born on September 19th, 2003 in Philadelphia. She has moved houses a total of seven different times. From Philadelphia, New Jersey, Ohio and Maryland. She is from a big family. Her mother is from NJ and father is from California. Although she has moved frequently her family and Olivia stay really close. All of her family lives in the distance of 3 hours away from Maryland. They celebrate holidays together and love having dinners with lots of food. She is also a vegetarian, which not many know about her. She was raised since birth as a vegetarian because her mom read a meatpacking book which lead her to grow up as a vegetarian. Although her dad and brother still eat meat and mom started eating fish. She can see herself (once she moves out and cooks for herself) to become a vegan. Speaking of her future she provided me some insight into hers. She is planning to go to a city college and study abroad somewhere in eastern Europe. She also would like to travel there, along with Tokyo and Nepal. She loves dogs and wants to own plenty. She prefers to first live in an apartment then settle down into a house with a family, married and maybe kids but not too many. She shared how she sometimes experiences to be anxious and does not like confrontation. Olivia also is at a stage in her life where she is focusing on school and herself she does not see herself open to love at the moment, but has a future goal of finding love. A love where you can share experiences and see yourself around that person.

Olivia Rogers

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Olivia Rogers