Professor Urbana: Photo of the Day 2/6/20


Celeste Allanach

Professor is back and better than ever! On February 5th, Urbana High School’s Minithon hosted the age old event to raise money for pediatric cancer. The contestants were Mr. Allen, Mr. Cresta, Mr. Frush, Mr. Grover, Mr, Ayerdiz, Ms. Hackett, and Ms. Yinger. In the first half of the night they would strut their stuff with the fashion runway, model a look from a figure they look up to, and show what they got with the talent show. The second half consisted of their escorts giving a speech about them and an exciting question and answer portion. In the end, the president of Minithon, Josh DiGiorgio, wanted to give “a huge thank you to all of our contestants and their teams tonight’s for putting in all the time, effort, commitment, and dedication to make this happen and to raise what we did tonight. Their help made tonight happen.” In the end, it was Mr. Frush who was crowed to be Professor Urbana.
In the photo, all of the contestants are partaking in the q&a portion of the evening! Hosts, Megan Mulligan and Hannah McCabe are giving Mr. Grover his question.