Set Build: Photo of the Day 2/22/20


Celeste Allanach

Urbana High School’s 50th mainstage show, Disney’s The Little Mermaid, is underway! Not only does the cast and crew participate in rehearsals, but they also go to Set Build every Saturday. These days are scheduled so the set can be designed and built. While the cast and crew are required to so to at least two, they are welcomed to go to more for International Thespian Honors Society points. Parents also volunteer their time to build the set. Cast member, Isabella Slyman who plays one of the Muses, Calliope, says “the experience of Set Build is something I really enjoy! I feel that getting to watch the set come to life is a great thing to be apart of.” Every Saturday, a little more gets done, leading up to the complete set and all the set pieces! Shown in the picture is the volcanic rock set piece for Ursula’s lair.