Class of 2020: the end of a journey.

Zachary Muragaki

I want to begin this article by congratulating all of my fellow seniors! Tomorrow is the day we all finish classes for good. Our high school careers have come to end and while this may seem like a bittersweet moment we cannot ignore the fact that this was a huge achievement!


The past four years have led to this moment and we cannot forget everything that has led us here. I’d like to suggest a few things we could do to help better this Journey’s end. The first being is to thank our teachers. Whether you hated or loved their class you cannot deny that they worked hard to teach us the material required. They did their best to prepare us for the next chapter in our lives and we must show our gratitude to them. So when you have some free time send an email to your teachers thanking them for all their hard work and for their support during your high school career.


The next suggestion I have is for you to thank your families. We as students cannot grasp the work they have done in order to make sure we can go to school everyday no matter how small. When I was a freshman my mom made sure to pick me up from school everyday. While that may seem like a small task but it meant I had extra time to get ready for each of my extracurriculars after each school day. We have to see that our parents have always had our best interests in mind. So make sure you thank them for all they’ve done for you!


My final suggestion is this. Even during this pandemic make sure you reach out and stay connected with your friends. Don’t let any ties be severed during this time. We need to understand that no matter how far friends are from each other deep down the memories and experiences we’ve shared will keep these bonds strong.


As stated these are suggestions and I will not pressure you into doing anything as the class of 2020 takes the next step forward but there is one thing that I implore you to do. Don’t forget. Make sure you always remember where you came from. We will always continue to grow but it’s easier when we have our roots to support us. Thank you for your time. And good luck Senior Class of 2020.