Senior Spotlight-Nolan Waters

Henry Ortiz, Reporter


It’s 5 am and it’s still dark out in Urbana Maryland. Senior Nolan Waters rises out of bed to go to the gym. When asked about whats usually the first thought that comes to your min he says “We go to gym,Because i’m going to the gym”. Nolan Says its all about staying consistent and to continue going to the gym. When asked why he goes to the gym at 5 am he says “because no one else is there and its usually pretty quiet and no one is gonna disturb you”. I also asked him why do you go to the gym he said “ i got tried of being small and bony,and wanted to get big, and because it keeps me mentally sane” he added on. What lies ahead for Nolan is he is going to Colorado State University to do ROTC this is not surprising as his Dad was in the Military for many years and Nolan and his family were traveling around the world living n many different countries like australia and thailand.  , in 20 years he sees himself as a forensic chemist in the Army,he says he would like to follow in his fathers footsteps of being in the military.Already being committed is that Nolan has a case of senioritis. “Senioritis because you get worse grades and you desperately want to go to college” says Nolan. However if Nolan could go back in time it would be to stop himself from rolling around on the floor because he cracked his head open when he was five. Undoubtedly you can find Nolan at the gym at 5 am doing some kind of rigorous workout.