Photo of the Day 5/6: AP testing begins for students of Urbana High School


Jess Kilgore, Reporter

Today, May 6, marks the beginning of AP testing. The tests today consisted of AP Government and then AP Environmental Science in the afternoon. The tests last for two weeks with the last test taking place on May 17th. The AP test scores will be released to students and high schools by July. If you must miss an AP test due to illness or exams that are at the same time, you can talk to your AP coordinator to see if you can take an alternate test during the late-testing period. This year Urbana High School’s policy is that absences due to AP testing will not be counted as excused absences. In order to be excused from class, parent’s must write their children a note and turn it into the front office. To get more information on the AP tests and testing calendar visit Good luck to everyone taking an AP test this year!