Urbana Crushes Clarksburg in 5-0 Field Hockey Victory : Photo of the Day 9/10/19


Katie Strawbridge, Reporter

Last night, the Urbana High School girls’ varsity field hockey team crushed Clarksburg in a 5-0 victory. The game, which began at 7:00 P.M. in the Hawks’ football stadium, directly followed the junior varsity game, which Urbana also won 2-0. This victory set high standards for the varsity team, as Urbana was up by 3 in the first half already. The last 2 goals were scored in the second half. Junior Maggie Goodwin scored 4 of the goals, while the other was scored by Sophomore Kasey Beach. Due to the Hawks’ strength both offensively and defensively, Clarksburg wasn’t even able to take a shot against Urbana throughout the entire game. With this win, the Urbana varsity team goes undefeated for the season! Go Hawks!